Adding another chapter

So my #ThyCa scans didn’t go as planned today. I was hoping to hear the words “no evidence of disease” but I’ll have to wait a little longer. Of course there is disappointment, sadness, and fear but there will always be hope. I know everything is going to be ok – just adding another chapter to my ThyCa book before closing the book. It’s a waiting game until we touch base with my Endo regarding next steps, and possible additional treatment. I still have #hope but needless to say, today was hard.

#thycascans #thyroidcancer #noonefightsalone #radioactiveiodine131 #readytobedone #stupidcancer #goaway #waitingforaNED 

One thought on “Adding another chapter

  1. I’m so sorry xx love how you explained it as just another chapter … With a 50% chance of reoccurance (with my variant) I’m hoping my book remains written, but as you said, even if it’s not, we still have a strong hope to get us through xx


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